The Digital Black Friday…and No it’s Not Cyber Monday

Were you clicking instead of standing on Black Friday?

Now that Black Friday is over, I guess everyone is looking forward to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has gained huge traction over the last few years for their online shopping deals. Many people began skipping Black Friday deals for more favorable online deals on Cyber Monday. However, according to a recent report by this year’s Black Friday was beginning to look a lot like Cyber Monday with consumers opting to shop online than fight through crowds for a $2 Waffle Maker (ok fine that was only at Walmart). But still let’s look at these figures from the IBM Study of 500 retailers:

  • online sales were up 24.3% from last year
  • mobile devices accounted for 14.3% of all online Black Friday traffic of that 9.8% was responsible for actual sales
  • the iPad lead the way as the most used device with a 4.6% conversion rate

While, it’s very evident that online shopping has its perks and American consumers are taking advantage of it I was more astonished by the mobile Black Friday traffic and the fact that mobile devices almost accounted for 10% of the sales. With that being said, have you tried shopping online with your mobile/device or tablet yet?

In a nutshell: As you continue to develop your e-commerce website, do not ignore the figures listed above and possibly other opportunities for commerce such as F-Commerce (Facebook). The online experience is important which includes design and functionality but, now it’s time to start thinking mobile. But just remember one step at a time.


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