Campaign of the Week: Havaianas “Original as You”

To the average person, flip-flops are flips-flops. You wear them for comfort even though most of them are not. They are your “not so fancy” alternative or replacement to high heels or dress shoes. There is nothing fashionable or personable about a pair of flip-flops. However, Brazilian made Havaianas has stepped forth to change this perception with their flip-flops and 2012 campaign. “Original As You” was photographed by David La Chapelle (North American) and Miles Eldridge (European). Havaianas “Original As You” campaign not only promotes their product, but it also helps consumers at the interpretation stage specifically cognitive interpretation of what these flip-flops are.  Of course most consumers know what flip-flops are, but they have no idea what Havaianas slippers actually “are.” This campaign positions their products as more than just your ordinary pair of flip-flops even if you have already put them in the same category. The ads aim to take that idea and expand upon it without necessarily writing all of the attributes in one ad.

Havaianas aims to redefine their targets idea of a flip flop without diminishing fashion and style. Hopefully, this leads consumers to making the ultimate goal: making a purchase. Personally, I’ve owned two pairs of Havaianas and wouldn’t hesitate purchasing another pair, despite the hefty price tag for some flip-flops. They are durable and extremely comfortable.

So tell me does this ad make you curious about Havaianas or is this just really good creative design?


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