Dubai Through My Eyes

If I had to sum up Dubai in one word, I’d say “remarkable.” There is something about this desert turned city and people who drive over 100 mph that makes it remarkable.  I am not sure if I was more surprised at the Western (mostly American) brand influence in this Middle Eastern country or that fact that even with these influences, this market still remained unique based on their culture. In my eyes I did not see America all over again, even with the Shake Shack in Dubai Mall, I saw Dubai. International brands tailored ad campaigns to the Middle East without generalizing or stereotyping. Some of my favorites were Knorr, Coca- Cola, and American Eagle Outfitters. It was subtle, yet very impressive. I was actually excited to watch the ads that played in the movie theatre before seeing the movie “Ted.” Yes, I went to the movies in Dubai and it was one of my favorite activities.

Downtown Dubai en route to Jumeirah area

The Emirates Mall-American Eagle Outfitters (check out the poster)

Downtown Dubai

The architecture is unique to Dubai with endless skyscrapers. I guess what makes it remarkable is the fact that in my opinion, Dubai has not even begun to scratch the surface of it’s economic capabilities. Those who visited the emirate five years ago could only witness the Burj Khalifa being built but we got the “At the Top” Burj Khalifa experience from the 124th floor.  If you aren’t familiar with the Burj Khalifa you may remember the extremely tall building Tom Cruise jumped on in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.

Many critics believe Dubai cannot compete with the larger economic powers of the world. At the moment I agree no they cannot and on its own probably never will.  The emirate is still in its infancy stage and every single day land is being cleared for more investments. Buildings are going up, tourists are visiting, and money is being spent. However, what is happening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar says a lot about the future of the Middle East. Change is coming. The Middle East has and is still suffering from a tarnished brand image, stereotypes, and in some areas safety (although honestly I felt more safe in Dubai than in certain neighborhoods in America). Word of Mouth is the strategy in Dubai. Get people to come and they will speak, dispel the rumors, and advocate on your behalf to the next. I hope you enjoyed Dubai through my eyes and will make a trip out there soon! More random pictures below.

Jumeirah Beach, Atlantis-The Palms our exclusive view lol

My amazing Shake Shack burger!

Some more architecture

Some more architecture

The Burj towering over all buildings 🙂

Sunset in the Desert

Sunset in the Desert

Downtown Dubai, Souk Al Bahar

Traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha or another Middle Eastern country? What was your experience like?


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