You have a Twitter account and so what?

Ok, well maybe not so what but still what are your plans for your Twitter account? I follow quite a few brands on Twitter some I love and some just because I am interested in how they are using Twitter for their business. However, as I begin to examine each of these companies I have … Continue reading

RIM: Brand Equity Is All You’ve Got

As I mentioned before your brand is what your consumers think of it, not your mission statement or your logo. The equity in it (known as brand equity) is developed over time and must be managed constantly especially in a time where emerging media can do damage in a fairly short amount of time. Therefore, … Continue reading

Tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends

Facebook’s new advertising unit extending your reach beyond your fans Having a Facebook Fan Page is pretty much a must have for most brands who’s marketing plan involves social media. I’ve created and managed a few groups and pages however, after you have exhausted your network and organic growth strategies your efforts basically plateau. The … Continue reading