Campaign of the Week: Havaianas “Original as You”

To the average person, flip-flops are flips-flops. You wear them for comfort even though most of them are not. They are your “not so fancy” alternative or replacement to high heels or dress shoes. There is nothing fashionable or personable about a pair of flip-flops. However, Brazilian made Havaianas has stepped forth to change this … Continue reading

RIM: Brand Equity Is All You’ve Got

As I mentioned before your brand is what your consumers think of it, not your mission statement or your logo. The equity in it (known as brand equity) is developed over time and must be managed constantly especially in a time where emerging media can do damage in a fairly short amount of time. Therefore, … Continue reading

Anything Can Be Rebranded…including Nigeria

In order to fully grasp where I am going with this post today, you must first understand what a brand is and what it’s not. A brand is not a logo, a corporate identity, or a product. A brand is what the consumer/receiver/target audience perceives it to be. It’s not what you say it is; … Continue reading

Now who said Emerging Media and Traditional Media Can’t Be Friends?

Many organizations struggle with the idea that emerging media and traditional media can’t work together. Integrated marketing and communications is what makes that possible. Each of these channels can stand alone, but they work so much better together.    Don’t believe me?  Well ask MTV. This year’s VMA’s scored the biggest television audience with 12.4 … Continue reading

You’re Just an Oliver Twist!

Now before this song, I really had no clue about who and or what Oliver Twist was.  I later came to find out it was the second novel written by English author Charles Dickens and I couldn’t understand what would be so entertaining about being called “Oliver Twist.” But, Nigerian entertainer D’Banj and his record … Continue reading