The Digital Black Friday…and No it’s Not Cyber Monday

Now that Black Friday is over, I guess everyone is looking forward to Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has gained huge traction over the last few years for their online shopping deals. Many people began skipping Black Friday deals for more favorable online deals on Cyber Monday. However, according to a recent report by this … Continue reading

Commerce With No No VISA or Mastercard?

I have been working behind the scenes on an amazing e-commerce project that I am very excited about. Working on this site has presented me with an immense amount of knowledge about credit card payments and how the ability to shop online is 99.9% dependent on this. Nonetheless, depending on your market there are barriers … Continue reading

For PayPal it’s no longer about E-Commerce…it’s just Commerce

PayPal recently announced its new PayPal Wallet, which will be released in the next twelve months. PayPal has steadily become a synonymous brand with e-commerce, but now they are taking their efforts offline in hopes of gaining a piece of the huge market share of mobile payments. PayPal has evolved over the years. It has … Continue reading