Dubai Through My Eyes

If I had to sum up Dubai in one word, I’d say “remarkable.” There is something about this desert turned city and people who drive over 100 mph that makes it remarkable.  I am not sure if I was more surprised at the Western (mostly American) brand influence in this Middle Eastern country or that … Continue reading

It’s the First of the Month!

Good Morning Beautiful People, I know I know…I’ve done another disappearing act on the blog world! But, I’m back. These last two weeks I have been winding down the semester and submitted my final project. See, this blog started as a class assignment but it will grow to so much watch this space. This … Continue reading

RIM: Brand Equity Is All You’ve Got

As I mentioned before your brand is what your consumers think of it, not your mission statement or your logo. The equity in it (known as brand equity) is developed over time and must be managed constantly especially in a time where emerging media can do damage in a fairly short amount of time. Therefore, … Continue reading

Dear Steve Jobs,

I write this blog post from my PC with my Blackberry phone right beside me. See, I have never owned an Apple product however; I respect and truly commend your innovation. Not only has Apple changed the way we as consumers live, it has also changed the technology and marketing industries respectively. I watched the … Continue reading

Tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends

Facebook’s new advertising unit extending your reach beyond your fans Having a Facebook Fan Page is pretty much a must have for most brands who’s marketing plan involves social media. I’ve created and managed a few groups and pages however, after you have exhausted your network and organic growth strategies your efforts basically plateau. The … Continue reading

I’m Back!

When I started this blog, I vowed to myself that I would never be one of those bloggers who went days without a post. It was my duty to my audience to feed them with relevant content as much as possible. I was always disappointed when my favorite blogger missed a post. Well, it looks … Continue reading

Your Website Is More Than Just A Digital Space

Most companies understand the importance of having a website. It’s like alright, we get that but, what else? Your company website is more than simply your space in the cloud, so do something with it.  Functionality, navigation, and design are the most important elements to any website regardless if its objective is communication, e-commerce, or … Continue reading

So You Think You Have What It Takes?

Marketing to multicultural audiences is not an easy task. Quite frankly, it’s hard. But, when done right the benefits are remarkable and appreciated by the target audience just ask The Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company took top honors in the 15th Annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards at the 2011 Automotive News World Congress in … Continue reading

Emerging Media Overload

Since I have started writing this blog, I have found more and more things to think and write about. The urge to write immediately is back again. I haven’t felt this way for a while. See, my background is in Journalism and I have spent the last five years watching traditional media and emerging media … Continue reading

You’re Just an Oliver Twist!

Now before this song, I really had no clue about who and or what Oliver Twist was.  I later came to find out it was the second novel written by English author Charles Dickens and I couldn’t understand what would be so entertaining about being called “Oliver Twist.” But, Nigerian entertainer D’Banj and his record … Continue reading