You have a Twitter account and so what?

Ok, well maybe not so what but still what are your plans for your Twitter account? I follow quite a few brands on Twitter some I love and some just because I am interested in how they are using Twitter for their business. However, as I begin to examine each of these companies I have … Continue reading

It’s the First of the Month!

Good Morning Beautiful People, I know I know…I’ve done another disappearing act on the blog world! But, I’m back. These last two weeks I have been winding down the semester and submitted my final project. See, this blog started as a class assignment but it will grow to so much watch this space. This … Continue reading

Profile: From The Agency Prospective

This week PRMG is talking to industry professionals about their role and the how emerging media is being used by their client or brand. First Up! Devon Watson  Education: B.A. Marketing, Temple University Years in the Industry: 5 Current Company and Position: UniWorld Group, Inc., Account Management __________________________________________________________________ How has the industry changed over the last five years? … Continue reading

RIM: Brand Equity Is All You’ve Got

As I mentioned before your brand is what your consumers think of it, not your mission statement or your logo. The equity in it (known as brand equity) is developed over time and must be managed constantly especially in a time where emerging media can do damage in a fairly short amount of time. Therefore, … Continue reading

Google+ is no longer Prom Queen

Let’s face it when Google announced it would be launching a new “social network”-even though it’s designed to be more than that- everyone wanted in on Google+. Google is a smart company and they understand the ABC’s of creating buzz around a product especially online.  According to Graham Medcalf, in a buzz marketing campaign your audience … Continue reading

Dear Steve Jobs,

I write this blog post from my PC with my Blackberry phone right beside me. See, I have never owned an Apple product however; I respect and truly commend your innovation. Not only has Apple changed the way we as consumers live, it has also changed the technology and marketing industries respectively. I watched the … Continue reading

Tell your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends

Facebook’s new advertising unit extending your reach beyond your fans Having a Facebook Fan Page is pretty much a must have for most brands who’s marketing plan involves social media. I’ve created and managed a few groups and pages however, after you have exhausted your network and organic growth strategies your efforts basically plateau. The … Continue reading

You might be creating buzz but that doesn’t mean it’s viral…

I came across a statement this week that made me really begin to wonder what the big difference was between buzz, word of mouth, and viral marketing. So often you hear these terms used interchangeable especially in terms of emerging media but yet when you dig deeper their purpose may not be getting you the … Continue reading

RFID the other Wireless Radio Frequency

What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification is better known as RFID. As marketers continue to evaluate their mobile application programs, RFID is another opportunity that some companies (large and small) are taking advantage of for their location based marketing strategies. Basically, radio waves are used to transfer data from an electronic tag called an RFID … Continue reading

I’m Back!

When I started this blog, I vowed to myself that I would never be one of those bloggers who went days without a post. It was my duty to my audience to feed them with relevant content as much as possible. I was always disappointed when my favorite blogger missed a post. Well, it looks … Continue reading